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Smart Home Security Systems for
Columbia, South Carolina

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Turn your Columbia home into a high-tech haven with intelligent innovations, like voice-activated appliances, remote-control alarm systems and home-automation apps for your phone and other devices.

Enjoy industry-leading comfort and security with Vivint Smart Home. Vivint provides the most innovative smart home and security systems in America—and it’s easy to control from your smart phone.

  • See and speak with visitors at your door via your smartphone or in-home hub.
  • Get alerts for smoke, sudden temperature increases and fire from photoelectric detectors.
  • Monitor interior and exterior doors and windows around your home from your phone or hub.

Rest Easy with 24/7 Smart Home Monitoring

It won’t matter where you go. You can always control your home with Vivint Smart Home.

  • Close the garage.
  • Lock the front door.
  • Arm your alarm system.
  • Check the door for packages.
  • Receive motion detection alerts.
  • Watch real-time HD feeds.

Use your smartphone, tablet or any other data-enabled device to watch your home from Blythewood to Gaston, throughout South Carolina and beyond.

Manage Your Home Easily with Vivint Smart Home

Vivint configures data from your in-home sensors, your exact geolocation in South Carolina and your user profile to determine one of four states—Home, Away, Sleep, or Vacation.

Depending on the determination, Vivint can help you with decisions like the precise temperature for each time of day or when to set the alarm at night.

  • Set your alarm.
  • Adjust the temperature.
  • Change your lighting.
  • Set your coffee maker.
  • Give keyless access to kids.
  • Enjoy continual new features.

Vivint Smart Home is fully compatible with Amazon Echo. Upgrade your Vivint Smart Home system with Amazon Echo to take advantage of voice control and activation.

Start Now with Vivint Smart Home Pros

Vivint Smart Home is affordable, accessible and easy to install and control. Upgrade your home now with Vivint Smart Home Pros.

  • Our Pros take care of installation, programming and initial settings.
  • We’ll show you how to control your system with your smartphone or in-home hub.
  • When you need support, Vivint Smart Home is here to help you.

Vivint Smart Home Pros can help you throughout South Carolina, including Blythewood, Columbia, Gaston, Irmo and Lexington.

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